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Deadpool Test Footage (x)

In case you haven’t hear yet, this is going to be an actual Deadpool movie.

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I hate the fact
I exposed myself to you
Only to become another
Stranger in your life.
—Unknown (via scarletai)
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#i would really like for you guys to befreind me there as well ; u ;

Last time I will remind you all . I have a personal blog, monochrome,audio, kpop,manga (my interests) follow if you’d like. scarletai

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sorry not sorry

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Breathe. It’s only a bad day, not a bad life.
Johnny Depp | x (via verbosit-y)
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;;I have a personal now so if you would like to follow me go for it babes (; scarletai I post fashion, art, monochrome ect ect. This is now my anime and art blog. (Not that it has been much of anything else haa )